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Beny’s latest studio album “Artificial” is the follow up to his previous project Slow Motion. Available for streaming everywhere!

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This album is Beny’s latest project experimenting with nostalgic sounds. A blend of retro synths and melodic vocals mastered with modern production instills an electric and fresh energy into his audience. Mixing Pop with Synth. A total of 10 tracks. Two of them instrumental bonus songs of his previous singles. The first track on the album will be the soundtrack to Beny’s upcoming Sci-fi short film; “Time Runner”. 




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Beny is a Toronto based recording artist and producer. His music plays with modern Pop laced with 80’s synths inducing a feeling of nostalgia in his listeners. The subtle use of ambient soundscapes intertwined with his smooth vocals hint at the influence he gets from artists like Pet Shop Boys, Daft Punk, and TheWeeknd. Beny’s journey in music began with playing guitar in a Rock/Metal band alongside his friends. After many years of disappointing and unsuccessful projects he eventually left the band and transitioned into music production. He luckily had the opportunity to collaborate and produce various artists from all over the world ranging in genres like Pop, EDM, Rap & Hip-Hop. With this experience, Beny finally made the decision to shift his focus and create his own original music as a full time vocalist. He’s released 8 self-produced singles since his official start in 2017 with his most popular songs “Self Control”, “Poison”, “Slow Motion” and “Letting Go” hitting Discover Weekly & Making it on a Top 50 Editorial. Beny has just released his first highly anticipated 10-track studio album. He is now in the stages of developing a Sci-fi short film “TIME RUNNER” with his team in an effort to promote the album. This new-age Synth Pop artist has built a trustworthy network of fans and supporters to help push his music and spread it with others. He works hard and tries his best to use his creative abilities to entertain his audience in the most epic and impactful way.


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